Good Deeds Done!

19 October
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Hello! This is another weblog set up by me, Patricia Faustino or wanderluscious, to update about the good deeds I have performed to raise money to attend the World Youth Festival in Barcelona from August 8 to 14.

The World Youth Festival will gather 10,000 young people from all over the world to share ideas, projects, and actions on four themes: cultural diversity, sustainable development, conditions for peace, and globalization. It is a committed, assertive, innovative, critical and constructive space that is founded on democracy, laicity, plurality, equality and respect. For more information about this event, visit the official website at http://www.barcelona2004.org/festivaljoventut/eng/portada.htm.

Ever since I found out about this event a month ago, I have been determined to attend! I approached several organizations asking for funding to help pay for airfare and registration, but it's been really difficult and thus far unsuccessful.

Then I thought, why do I have to approach an institution? Why not my community? Why not friends?

What would it take to make this happen? Well, I would have have to find a group of individuals who are free and willing to take a leap of faith on me. Individuals who are willing to believe, as I do, that there is something wonderful waiting for us in Barcelona--a lesson or experience that I can bring home and actually use for something good!

Here is the situation. I need to raise $1000 or P60,000 to participate in this event. Now, my friend Alexis and I did some math and discovered that if just 100 people gave P300 each, then that would equal P30,000—half the money needed! And if 200 people helped out, that would raise the full amount!

Now how do I get at least 100 people to help me out?

I don't want dole-outs. If people are going to help me, then I want to give something back. I want them to believe that their support is worthwhile, no matter what. I also want to challenge them to do more than just reach in their pockets.

So this is my proposal:

If you donate P300 to help me get to Barcelona, then I will, in exchange, perform ANY GOOD DEED OF YOUR CHOICE. Any good deed that YOU believe to be worth P300!

Yes, friends, I am serious! ANY good deed as long as…

1. It is an action that you believe makes the world, our country, or our community a better place for all.
2. It is reasonable, or within my power to do.
3. I can accomplish it within a single day.
4. I won't need (much) money to do it.
5. It does not violate any laws or rights.

So there you have it! Any service, favor, or action that falls within these limits, and that YOU believe to be worth P300-- I will do it! Just name your prize! I’ll bike across EDSA! I'll plant a tree! I’ll give my mother a hug! I’ll smile at 10 strangers! I’ll visit sick patients at a local hospital!

My goal here is to raise at least P30,000 by July 30, and hopefully more.

So there. That is my offer, and my dream. To perform at least 100 favors for 100 friends of faith! Hopefully more...

In the meantime, here goes nothing....

or everything...

What will it take?

Will you buy this dream???